A pipe gives a wise man time to think and a fool something to stick in his mouth. C. S. Lewis

The world of smoking pipes is luxurious and enjoyable. In many respects it falls into the same category as the world of fine wine and liquor. On any site or forum dedicated to pipe smoking you can see posts very similar to the ones from sites and forums dedicated to wine. The same discussions of flavours, tastes, after-tastes, consumption “rituals” etc.

This is not a coincidence. Pipe smoking does deliver lots of pleasure and enjoyment, does provide fine nuances in aroma and taste. But the path to this enjoyment is sometimes quite thorny. Just because handling pipes and tobaccos is not quite as straightforward as the one for wine. And sometimes people have to find their own way to get the most from that piece of wood carved into an attractive bowl.

The good news is that there are no mysteries in all that surrounds the pipe talk. All rules and tips are very logical and simple. Especially if you know WHY they may be used or applied.

Foreign learners of English are often told: “Do not ask WHY, ask HOW”, but to me the “WHY” is the most interesting question.

Knowing “WHY” gives you the power to bend and adjust rules to your needs as you go, instead of blindly following them.

In my posts I will try to not only share the tips I am following, but will also try to provide some background and reasons behind them.

I do hope that at least some of my pages and posts will make your pipe smoking experience truly pleasant, or, as those pipe guys say: “without any harsh notes”.


PS: Pages under construction are marked with 🛠. Come for them a little later.

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