Here is a couple of very good sites having well organized searches on pipes and tobacco with reviews, glossaries and all details you may want to take a look at:

Tobacco Reviews – great site with reviews for every tobacco you can imagine. It has a well established community with easily located authorities in the subject. Really nice search based on plenty of criteria, which allow easy tailoring your search requests to your needs and interests. Highly recommended.

Smoking Pipes – online store selling both pipes and tobacco. It also has a great pipe search with the search results including lots of information on pipe parameters and characteristics, like weight, material of the bowl and stem, dimensions etc.. This really helps if you want to find a pipe that meets your criteria. I use it even if I am going to buy a pipe in a local store. Just to make sure I am going to get what I am looking for. The site also includes a comprehensive glossary describing each and every term used in the pipe world and talk. Look for the glossary and pipe locator links at the bottom of their page. Highly recommended.

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