How to choose a pipe: pipe size

Choosing pipe size is a matter of personal preferences. Just a couple of points to consider:

  • Even a small pipe requires about a half an hour to smoke a full bowl. As mentioned here it is usually better to have the bowl filled up with tobacco to get the most of the taste the tobacco can offer. If you have lots of time and do like long relaxing smoke, the big one may is the choice for you. Otherwise, a smaller pipe will do better.
  • Bigger pipes are obviously heavier and tougher on your teeth. Holding the pipe in your hands all the time is not for everybody, especially if the bowl gets hot.  Clutching the pipe in your teeth is much more convenient and keeps your hands free. So, if you have strong jaws and teeth, a bigger pipe may be fine for you. Otherwise, you may benefit from a smaller and lighter pipe. Choosing a softer stem (vulcanite) may extend the weight range your teeth will be willing to accept. This may alleviate the weight problem to some extent.
  • The bigger the pipe, the longer your smoke is and the more nicotine hit you will get. If you up to a strong tobacco and have a moderate tolerance to nicotine,  full bowl of a big pipe may make you fall off your horse.

The bottom line is that, in general, it is better to have at least a couple of pipes of different sizes for different occasions. Unless you are strongly on one of the sides described in the list above.

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