How to choose a pipe: bowl depth

When moving from cigarette smoking to the pipe smoking world, you may be tempted to purchase a small pipe just to be able to finish it as fast as you finish a cigarette.

Well, here  you can find out why aiming at quick pipe smoking may not be the best idea. However, even a very small pipe may ask for a half an hour of your time. Something bigger may occupy you for an hour or so. This is not always acceptable in our busy lives . Therefore, a small pipe itself is not a bad choice. In fact, I prefer small pipes for several reasons.

Bigger pipes are usually pretty deep, and you may have an impression that the smaller the pipe, the shallower it should be. But here is the catch.  Many (if not all) tobacco blends taste absolutely nothing when you just light the pipe. But as the fire goes deeper into the bowl, the taste starts developing, changing and intensifying. Some blends deliver very different tastes at different depth. Some of them stay consistent through the bowl.

But you do need some depth to hit the taste starting spot. And the deeper the bowl, the more diverse experience you can get.

Otherwise, you will stop at appetizer level and will miss both the main course and the dessert.

If I was looking for a small pipe, I would choose the deepest I could find. Actually, this is true for pipes of any size.

It is better to get a pipe with narrower and deeper bowl than with a  wider and shallower one.


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