Advantages of slow smoking

Cigarettes do not like talkative guys. Pipes do not like hurried ones.

Pipes and cigarettes a two very different beasts and should be handled differently. If you start puffing your pipe with the same pace you smoke cigarettes, one of the following will almost certainly happen:

1. Harsh cigarette taste

2. Tongue bite

3. Steam your mouth (if tobacco is wetter than necessary)

4. Pipe overheating

Cigarettes are built to get a nicotine hit and get it quickly. Since the beginning of last century tobacco companies started adding chemicals to the cigarette paper to prevent them from extinguishing and to make them burn faster.  And you have to smoke fast  too to finish it before it burns completely by itself. Burley, mostly used in cigarette production, is one of the slow burning types of tobacco. You can imagine what you inhale with the smoke from the cigarette paper which makes this slow burning tobacco burn as a gun powder.

Cigarettes do serve their purpose, at the same time not providing any other pleasant moments except for the nic-hit. In this respect smoking cigarettes is similar to taking a shot of vodka to get a quick and immediate alcohol-hit without any concerns regarding taste, aroma and other luxury frills.

Pipe smoking is more like tasting a fine wine. It does ask for some of your precious time, if you really want to get the most of what it can offer. Definitely, you can puff your pipe fast and hard, but in this case the fine wine tasting will turn into a shot of vodka.

Take it slowly, sip it, and tobacco will unfold for you its taste and aroma, which you (and maybe even bystanders) will really enjoy.

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