Advantages of cool smoking

High temperature inside your pipe is bad both for you and the pipe.

Hot burning tobacco can finally burn through your pipe, efficiently destroying it. Too fast  and hot burning also kills tobacco taste and can burn your tongue.

Different tobacco types and blends burn with different speed and different temperature. But regardless of what tobacco blend you smoke, you can and should keep the burning speed under control. The following may make your smoking cooler:

  • Do not allow your tobacco to dry out. If tobacco strips rustle like dry fall leaves when you mix them, your tobacco is too dry and will burn fast and hot. Moisturize it before smoking. The preferable moisture level is a matter of personal taste, but tobacco should feel soft and flexible when you touch it, and should not leave your hands wet.
  • Do not puff too hard. Getting more air into your pipe will speed up the burning process, increasing the temperature. Also, if you smoke without filter and inhale too hard, you may end up with a mouthful of hot ash.
  • Do not puff too fast. Give your pipe some time to dissipate the heat after your puff to prevent its overheating.
  • Pipe in some way works as a small fireplace with a chimney. The bowl is a fireplace and the stem is a chimney. And as in a fireplace, when the stem is close to a vertical position, it induces an additional natural draw from outside to the hot bowl and through the stem back to outside. The higher the mouthpiece side of the stem comparing to the bowl, the stronger this natural draw and the higher the temperature inside the bowl. This is especially relevant for the pipes with a bent stem, which usually hang down from the smoker’s mouth. If you cannot make your pipe burn slowly by other means, try to raise the bowl so that the stem is almost horizontal. This will significantly reduce the natural draw, allowing you to better control the pipe temperature.

If you have seen  pictures of pipe smokers, you could notice that almost all of them hold their pipes wrapped into their palm.

This is not a coincidence and not a try to look cool. This is a simple trick to keep your pipe cool. If you hold your pipe like that, once you break any of the rules mentioned above, your pipe will immediately warn your hands about that. And your hands will warn you. It is tough to hold overheated pipe in your palm. If this happens, slow down, or even stop smoking and let your pipe cool down. Then relight and enjoy your cool and tasty smoke.

When holding your pipe in your palm, do not clench it too tight. Hold it loosely and gently to allow air flowing around it. Your pipe needs some space around to dissipate the heat through its walls to the outside world.

It may seem cool when you puff hard and your pipe produces thick and rich smoke. But you are smoking for yourself, not for the others. Try to sip it like a good wine, and you will find that a thin and weak stream of smoke gives you more taste without any harsh and unpleasant moments. And your pipe will thank you, staying with you much longer.

It is normal when your pipe goes out. Do not try to keep it burning with hard and fast puffs. Just relight it and go on.

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